Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gone Camping

The Lizard King has not had a day off in over a month. You'd think he would be used to it after spending a year in Afghanistan with no days off, but Afghanistan is a different mind set, you might say. He finally had his first day off on Friday, the start of his vacation.

We leave for our camping trip tomorrow. There are lots of things to do to prepare. Princess eats gluten free bread, so I'm baking 3 loaves to take with us. I also steamed and pureed a bunch of kale from the garden. I add this to our burgers for some extra nutritional punch (and you can't even taste it). Then I pre-made burgers and froze them to cook while camping.

We bought a whole set of unseasoned cast iron pans (for the bargain price of $66 at Camping World). I spent the last couple of weeks seasoning them, using this process. They turned out beautifully!!

Today, I'll brown some ground beef for chili to be made while camping and there are lots of other preparations.

Tomorrow, we drop the Royal Dog off at Patty's Precious Pets. We found a woman who boards only small dogs in her home. I so wish we could take the pup with us, but at the moment, dogs aren't allowed to stay in the yurts. I've heard that will change next year.

After drop off, we'll finish packing up everything (hopefully) that we need to take.

With all that in mind, what do you think the Lizard King has been doing for the last two days (his first two days off)?  --- Why, building a roof for the deck, of course! I swear, the man never stops!! I will post pics after we come back.

In the meantime, have a wonderful week. See you all when we get back!

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  1. We went camping last weekend, and tt was so fun! My husband has started eating gluten-free. I'd love to have your recipe for bread! That would be neat to stay in a yurt. I hope you (and I bet you will!) have a wonderful time! :)

  2. Well JayLeigh, I admit it, it's kind of a cheat bread. I have a bread machine (that has never been used for regular bread, only gf bread, due to dangerous cross contamination). I use Pamela's and follow the recipe on the package.

    Thanks for the wonderful time wishes!! =)

  3. Wow, I'm going to have to try adding that to my burgers, what a wonderful way to hide something of nutritional value that they might otherwise not eat! HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. It doesn't hide well, Sheila. You can totally see it, especially with how much I put in. I add about 1 cup of of puree (which is a fair amount of kale) to 2 pounds of ground beef. Princess thinks it's super cool that she's eating veggies without having to eat veggies.
    ; )

  5. What a fantastic idea to puree Kale and add it to burgers! I have never tried that one myself so I will have to give it a shot. I do add shredded carrot to home made mac & cheese though. Nobody ever knows its there and I love the shocked look on their faces when I tell them.

    YaY! for Camping! I am longing to go! We just do not have a schedule that is allowing us to go. Maybe this fall we will get the chance to go. I hope. I hope you have loads and loads of fun and take millions of pictures with all those photography skills! You should have lots to blog about when you return. :)

  6. Like I said above, Crystal, they will be able to see the green in the burgers. It may be more of a challenge for you to add it to your burgers. Princess is fine with me adding stuff as long as she can't taste it. I actually can't take credit for the idea. I got it from a friend. Since Princess doesn't eat vegetables, I am always looking for ways to get veggies into her that she is okay with. This definitely fits the bill!

    I hope you get to go camping soon!! And I will definitely be taking a lot of photos!!!

  7. O my kids love veggies but I am always on the hunt for ways to include them in new and creative ways. They don't mind me adding stuff to their food even if they can see it. They do eat their fair share of fruits and veggies but sometimes a new way to add them is more appealing. :)

  8. You're lucky, Crystal. I've always loved veggies, but Princess won't touch them on their own. And she eats very few foods at all. I have to get creative to get anything into her. I think you'll like the kale in burgers. Super nutritious!

  9. Have fun! I hope you enjoy your campout as much as I did mine. So jealous you're going for a whole week...two days was not enough for me.

    Neat idea about the kale burgers!

    Looking forward to hearing all about the trip. :D

  10. I hope you guys are having a ball at the camp grounsds:) Cant wait to read all about it!