Thursday, July 21, 2011

Project 2011 -- Week 29

Project 2011 is still going strong! Thanks to our Project 2011 host, Cate, over at Moments of Whimsey. Click the button on the left for the details.

Princess said that her last riding lesson was her best ever. She did a lot of trotting, which is a big accomplishment for her. Go Princess! The Lizard King's goal of building the Harley is still a work in progress, waiting for those magical pistons to show up. No worries folks, he is keeping himself busy.

I am still working on my photography and get to practice a lot since I like to post tons of photos here. My weekly super slow workout is going great!

I started working on the napkins I told you about a couple weeks ago. Sewing is a process for me and I don't move along too quickly, but I certainly enjoy it.

I've still got to finish cutting the mitered corners and sewing. Maybe I'll be done by next week?


  1. Love your colors! I usually make all of our napkins but have been procrastinating. I got as far as cutting out all the material (found cool two sided batik cottons). You have so much energy over there. I feel like a slug! :) Want to pass some along. Ha!

  2. Thanks, Denise! I chose these to match my multi-color Fiesta Ware dishes. The energy isn't all that high, or the napkins would be done by now. I bought the fabric weeks ago. ;-P I'd love to see your fabric! It sounds beautiful!!

  3. Fun and festive! Reminds me of many of the dorm room patterns I've seen lately!

  4. So, Sheila, you're saying that my kitchen is going to look like a college dorm? Or are you saying that college dorms are fun and festive? ;-P

  5. These really are lovely fabrics and yay for Princess trotting!

  6. Yay for Princess...has she asked for her very own horse yet? Hehe. Poor LK, he should write a letter to the piston fairy...there is a piston fairy, right? ;)

    Congrats to you on the photography, the work-out and the napkins, they are so vibrant and playful.

  7. Thanks Cate! And yes, yay for Princess!! :-)

    Sheri, yes, Princess does want her own horse. It is not in the budget right now, but if the desire grows, we will have to figure out what we can do. Yes, poor LK. He is just waiting for the right deal...and for us to have the money to afford pistons.