Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Garden Club

I'm back for a garden update! Thanks to Aliceson at Feet Off the Table, our Monday Garden Club host.

Here is the view of the veggie garden, except for the bottom bed which just isn't doing as well. Things are growing like crazy!! We are having one little problem. Slugs. Ewwww!  I tried beer traps, using the cheapest stuff I could find. We didn't catch any slugs, though. Maybe these Portland slugs are more into microbrews? Anyway, we're trying another solution . . .

. . . hazelnut shells! Apparently, slugs don't like to slide across this stuff. We were going to use cocoa shells, but being that they're chocolate and the royal dog eats EVERYTHING, this is a better choice for us.

The Lizard King said he had to laugh when I walked out into the yard with the 30 pound bag of hazelnut shells thrown up on my shoulder. The old me would have left it in the car for him to carry. But the new strong, fit me hoisted that baby up and carried it. Go me! ;-P

Remember the summer squash with the weird stems. Well, whatever it was/is, they're growing like mad and we've even got flowers!

And the tomato plants have flowers, too!

We've been eating lettuce from the garden every night, as well as kale and chard. I love walking out to the garden and picking food to eat.


  1. Awesome. I'll have to try the hazelnut shells...we have some slugs on our lettuce too. Ewwwww indeed. Yay for flowering plants. :D

  2. The garden looks great. I planted late so my plants are still so little.

  3. I sure hope the hazelnut shells work, Sheri! That food out there is mine. If the slugs want to eat, they can go elsewhere . . . or plant their own garden. ;-P

    Thanks, Secret Mom! Your garden will be rockin' in no time. :-)

  4. I cannot WAIT to go out and pick something from mine. But um... late start... go hungry. lol.
    Looks great! Not sure about the slugs, but isn't there some kind of slug bait that they sell out there?

  5. It looks so awesome!

    If hazelnut shells don't work crush up (clean) eggshells and sprinkle around stems. :)

  6. Sheila, there is slug bait but I'd prefer to stay as natural as possible. Your garden will grow! Just believe . . . :-)

    Thanks, Denise! Freckles told me about eggshells but, even with as many eggs as we eat, it will take a while to gather enough shells. We did run low on hazelnut shells, so I will likely add eggshells to the garden as well.