Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Garden Club

Have I really been gone that long?! I kept meaning to post something, but the week was just so busy . . . or am I just making excuses? Hmmm . . .

It is time for Monday Garden Club!

The garden has exploded with growth! A few days ago, I harvested 5 gallon size bags full of Romaine lettuce, 2 bags of kale and 1 bag of Swiss chard. Amazing!

I'm still not exactly sure what is up with the summer squash stems, but they are growing like crazy! I covered the open stem with soil. They sure do seem happy!

We added Marigolds to the tomato bed. There's a reason for that, but I don't remember what it is. I have not idea what I'm doing in the garden, so I just do as I'm told. ;-P They do add a nice burst of color, don't they?

Strawberries are growing . . . and making the birds very happy. I caught one eating the only ripe strawberry. We're going to get some bird feeders to put around the yard. Hopefully that will distract the birds from the garden.

The strawberry plants are quite happy, too! Check it out! They're sending out runners.

The fairy garden is beginning to get some color.

But what is up with the spinach bolting already?! It's only been in the ground a short time. I guess it's time to plant some more seeds. Hmph!

I was so inspired by color around the bloggy world and our neighborhood, I decided we needed some color, too. I am certain that you are all shocked that we chose every shade of pink to brighten our yard.

Now head on over to our Monday Garden Club sponsor, Aliceson at Feet Off the Table, to see what is happening in gardens everywhere!


  1. Marigolds keep horn worms away from tomatoes that is why you plant them together. :)

    lovely looking garden.

  2. Thank you, Crystal!! I knew there was a good reason. :-)

  3. Thanks for the marigold tip. Your garden looks great.

  4. Thanks, Secret Mom! I'll be sure to pass on any more tips I learn, I just can't promise to remember the why. Thank goodness I have such knowledgeable readers! ;-)

  5. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so jealous, lol.

  6. WOW! Great photos and great garden! I assume this year's fantastic garden is making up for not having one last year. It really looks great, and yummy too!

  7. Thanks, Sheila!! I'll send you some lettuce, k? ;-)

    Aliceson, this garden is definitely making up for last year's garden lack. I'm so excited!! Glad you like the photos, too...maybe even more glad about you liking those than the garden. =)

  8. Beautiful garden. Looks likes it's really coming along. How come no Project 2011 post last week?

    Hope you're still hanging in there with us. :D

  9. I'm still hanging in with my goals and Project 2011! Have no fear, I will post this week, Sheri. ;-)

  10. Wow. Beautiful garden! You are growing your own food! How cool is that?! Everything in our garden looks shriveled, half-chewed and jaundiced; my plants need an IV of Vitamin D, tourniquets and a gardener with better bedside manners. -VHSF

  11. VHSF, I'm sorry to hear about your garden, but I have to say that your visual is hysterical! ;-)