Thursday, May 26, 2011

Project 2011 - Week 21

Hey there! It's time for Project 2011 again! This is the time that we check and see how our 2011 goals are coming along. You can click the tab above. See it? The one on the right that says "The Royal Goals -- 2011". Yup! That's it!

A big thanks to our Project 2011 sponsor, Cate. You can click the button to the left to check out the details and find out how to join us. It's never too late!

Princess is making lots of progress with her riding. She is riding with the lunge line, which is really helping her get lots of riding experience. Check out her form in this video!

The Lizard King is still looking for pistons for the Harley build. And no, I still don't have any photos. Meh.

I'm continuing to read a lot, and learn a lot, about photography. I've also created a special Amazon wishlist with my photographic wishes. : )

Learning how to sew . . . uhm . . . nothing happening here at the moment, other than washing the Christmas material that I bought for making gift bags. I need to set my sewing machine up in a permanent spot. That way when I have the desire to sew, which does happen fairly often, I can just go do it!

As for my weekly workout . . . still loving it! Slow Burn totally rocks! I'm back in the swing of things. Having quit the gym, I was looking for ways to improve my at home workout. I went window shopping on Amazon and found lots of ideas. Then, I headed out to Craigslist and SCORE! I found exactly what I was looking for and it was a super bargain. It's got a lat pulldown bar, leg curl & extension and a bicep curl pad. It even came with weights. Adding these weights to what I already have, I've now got 120 pounds of steel weights. (That's almost 55 kilos, for my non-American friends.) How cool is that?!?!

I had to order clips to hold the weights on and a barbell bar (because the one that came with it is cheap, bent, and entirely too long), but this is a very low cost gym. I'm ecstatic! I find working out at home much more doable for me.

Now head on over to Cate's to see how bloggy friends, around the world, are doing with their goals!


  1. Woohoo, awesome stuff. Princess' sure is looking more and more confident. That home gym totally rocks. I love weights, it was my favourite part of my workout when I USED to go to the gym. :D
    Way to go Shady and family.

  2. Having goals is a wonderful way to go through life. Set them often though. I like to start out small and work my way up to bigger ones.

    I am not very good about working out in a gym, so I have never paid for memberships. I would love to get some free weights to use but for now I am sticking with yoga and tai chi.

  3. Weights are my favorite part of working out, too, Sheri!!! Boy was I ecstatic when I learned that hours of cardio just isn't necessary (and can even be harmful). Now I do my weekly weights, walk (Although I really do need to be walking more. Hmmm...maybe I need a new goal. Dang it!), and should be sprinting once in a while. Oh crap, another possible goal. Okay, I'm going to stop talking now before I goal myself under.

    Yoga and Tai Chi are awesome, Crystal! I wish I could stick with yoga but I'm sporadic with it. I kept meaning to try Tai Chi, but just never popped the DVD (from the library) into the DVD player. Tai Chi really intrigues me with the slow movement. One day! Hey, you should join in on Project 2011, Crystal!! There's still time. :)

  4. Awesome! You totally need to submit this to my next meditation monday. Which I'll post on monday, lol. Great stuff!
    And I thought it said Lizard King was looking for PISTOLS... lol.

  5. Really, Sheila?!?! How do I do that? It would be so cool to be part of your Meditation Monday! =)

    LOL . . . no LK doesn't use guns while rebuilding Harleys. ;P

  6. You are going from strength to strength Shady - as is Princess with her riding!

    Yay for the gym set. I often jump on the hubby's gym gear at home - it does make life so much easier.

  7. Thanks, Cate! And yes, home gym gear rocks!!