Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lemonade Mouth

Have you seen the Disney movie, Lemonade Mouth, yet? We have it recorded on our DVR and have watched it umpteen times. Yes, it is quite the hit. We also bought the soundtrack and are excited at the possibility of a Lemonade Mouth tour.

The movie is actually pretty darn good and I like the music, which is a good thing. We listen to it A LOT. The coolest thing about the movie and music is how it has inspired Princess.

Using her (very girlie) Tinker Toys, she created a guitar . . .

. . . and microphone with a stand!

Princess can often be found jamming with Lemonade Mouth. She has always been very into music, but since this movie, that love has grown exponentially.

Rock on , Princess!!!


  1. ahh that is so awesome! I simply LOVE when creativity takes over and they create what they want to be doing. I have not yet seen this movie, The whole disney channel music stars wore me out with the first two. The other kids would rather listen to music on the radio.

  2. Well Crystal, if you are ever inspired give it a watch. It really is a cute movie, based on the book by the same name. :) But if not, I totally get that, too.

  3. Hehehehe, too cute. I love the girly coloured tinker toys. :D

  4. Aren't they the coolest, Sheri?! I was a little disappointed when we opened it (years ago) to find that they were plastic. However, they are much more sturdy than the way the wood ones are made these days. Princess had a regular wood Tinker Toys set and the sticks kept breaking. I guess plastic isn't so bad after all . . . especially when it's pink!

  5. Oh, is that a movie? I saw that name somewhere, but didn't know what it was.

    I love when kids create and invent things. We have tons of different kits for building - the boys use different sets for different needs and I love that they think OH, I should use THIS set because I can setup a vertical platform or something. So cool!

  6. It is a movie, Denise! And very fun. : )

    Kids are amazing, aren't they? I often watch in amazement as Princess comes up with a new way to use the things she has. Yes, being a mom rocks!

  7. Loving that last pic of Princess :-)

  8. She's rockin' it, isn't she Cate? ; )