Thursday, March 24, 2011

Project 2011 - Week ?

I've missed quite a few of these, I know. The thing is, I'm finding it a little challenging to post updates about this weekly. So, (hopefully with Cate's blessing) I will post monthly updates. What do you say, Cate?

If you want the lowdown on Project 2011, click the button over there on the left.

How about a little goal reminder!

Shady Lady:
1. Learn how to use my camera to its fullest ability and take better pictures.
2. Learn how to sew.
3. Do the Slow Burn workout weekly.

Then I added another goal.
4. Spend more family time outdoors, exploring nature.

Princess had two goals, learn to sew and learn to knit. At this point I think these goals have gone away. Her new goal? Learn to ride a horse. This is something we hope to make come true this summer.

The Lizard King, well, he is building a Harley. At the moment, he is gathering parts. He fits this in between all the other things he does around here. His list consists of doing our taxes, building garden beds and building our deck. Yeah, he's a busy guy.

You can get all the goal details here if you want to know more.

Now, on to my update!

1. I have signed up for a digital photography class at our local community college. I am super excited about this! I have learned some on my own, but I hope to learn a lot more (and really think I will) from a class.

2. I dropped off my sewing machine at a sewing store for a tune up. I hope to have the fabric for Princess' nightgown cut and ready to sew by the time I have the machine back. Hope . . .

3. I missed my workout for 2 weeks. The first because we were in Disney World and the second because we were recovering from Disney World. I am back on track and last week decided to join a gym for a more effective Slow Burn workout. I did my first gym workout. Wow! It rocked! Oh...and I've lost over 14 pounds living the Paleo lifestyle. Yeah, that rocks, too. I also signed up to do a 10K walk in April. I have not done a thing with the Tai Chi DVDs I mentioned a while back. Oh well!

4. I don't know if you would describe it as nature, but we spent a lot of time outside exploring at Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios. On our last day, we played with our friends at the hotel beach.

It's man-made . . . does that still count as nature?

Now head on over to Cate's Moments of Whimsey to check out all the Project 2011 participants!


  1. Yes, I think that still counts! lol.
    Also, I love #3 in your updates, i know that feeling of needing to recover from a vacation.

  2. What a relief, Sheila! Getting out in nature for a non-nature girl can be a challenge. ;-)

  3. Great Photo. Love the name of our site...wish I would have thought of that!

  4. Glad to get the update. Good for you with the camera class. My dad took one and loved it. It made his camera do things he didn't know it could do.

    I think that playing outside at Disney sure does count for the outdoors.

  5. Thanks, "chick"! And thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

    Bernie, I hope I learn a lot from the class. I am so looking forward to it!

  6. Congratulations on the college class. How exciting.

    Glad to hear you're still motivated about the sewing. Can't wait to see Princess' nightgown.

    Good on you for getting back at the exercise ...and a 10k walk to boot. I'm impressed.


  7. Thanks, Sheri! I am really excited and can't wait for it to start.

    I'm trying to get more motivated about the sewing. I haven't actually done anything yet. I keep looking at the pattern and the material, but I'm afraid to cut!!

    Workouts have been fun. I wish I could motivate myself to move more . . . everyday. I guess it's a process.

  8. Wow - 14 pounds????

    You are my hero!!

  9. Cate, living the Paleo way, losing is easier than I ever imagined. I figured, at my age I'd never lose any quantity of weight. I always hear about metabolism slowing down, yada yada... This has been a breeze! I can't recommend it enough. Not only will you lose weight, you'll feel better, too!! It is truly amazing. (and no, this is not a paid advertisement . . . ;-P)