Friday, February 11, 2011


Two winters ago we actually had snow.

A lot of snow.

There was ice, too.

Last year we had a little snow.

This year, they predicted the worst winter in years for the Pacific NW. We were waiting to see if that meant snow or rain, as both are possible. We wondered how cold it would be.


We got nothing. Sure it rained some, it is Oregon after all. We wanted snow. We didn't get snow.


  1. GOT? WANTED? DIDN'T??? What's with the past tense, lady? Does that mean winter's over where you are??
    As friends have helpfully pointed out to me, February here gets milder by an average of 1 degree Celsius per week, but it's also usually when we get our major dumpage of snow for the year.
    On the way to dh's work, there's a dump site (former air force base) where the trucks bring the snow from the northwest bits of the city. On Feb 1st, it was almost bare, but in past years, it has gotten so much snow in this one month or so that there's still some left by July...

  2. I know. It does seem kind of early to give up. But we've got bulb shoots coming up with signs of Spring everywhere. Temps are in the mid to high 40s. (that's 7C and higher for you). I suppose there is still a very slight chance of snow, but I'm not feeling too hopeful. It is mid-February. Once this month is over, I see no hope of snow for this season. We very rarely get a lot of snow anyway. At this point, yeah...I've about given up hope. :-/

  3. Awww, like SMT, I'd FedEx you some if I could...who am I kidding? If I could, I'd be FedExing it ALL to you. :D

    I am sympathetic though, when you have a child who really wants to build a snowman, make a snowball or just play in the can be disappointing.


  4. We'll take it Sheri!! Yes, it is mostly that Princess really, really wants snow. She wants to build a snowman in her back yard...and watch the dog bound around in it and maybe even have a snowball fight...or at least make some snow angels. *sigh*

  5. Thats a shame, snow would be so much fun to play year maybe?Here its meant to be really hot, and we have had a few hot days, but for an Aussie summer its been, well, cool.Weathers been unusual everywhere this year it seems.

  6. What I'm really hoping is that we don't get surprise snow in March, when everything is blooming and pretty. Wouldn't want all the prettiness to get killed by cold weather. ;)

  7. I wish I could send you some too. Maybe we got YOUR share, lol.

  8. Yes, year maybe. If not, we have intentions of going up to Mt. Hood next year. It has been a strange weather year.

    Freckles, I'm with you there! And after last year's late start to summer, I hope that this year will be better and gardens will be more productive. Last year was so disappointing. We have quite the garden planned!

  9. Well Sheila, we don't usually get a lot of snow. Rain? Yes. Snow? Sometimes. But they made this big deal out of this being the worst winter storms in years. It was potentially (if it was snow rather than rain) going to be more than two years ago, which was a ridiculous amount of snow for this area. The city was shut down. We have like 2 snow plows. With all the hype, we were excited at the possibility. We didn't even get a lot of rain, let alone snow. Sheesh!

  10. Well it's warm with high humidity here - I wouldn't mind a package of Sheri's snow either :-)

  11. Maybe a trip to Canada is in order for you, Cate! ;-P