Friday, February 4, 2011

Is it regret?

Or is she processing?

A few days ago, I shared with you Princess' huge leap into trading in old games for new ones. She was so excited and spent the entire day playing her new game. Late that night, reality set in. She told me she felt sad about trading in the games. What I didn't realize was that while she was ready to trade them in, it didn't mean that she was done with it emotionally.

I could have pushed her feelings aside and told her to focus on the happiness of the new game. I could have minimized her feelings and told her she would get over it.

I could have said a lot of things, but what I said was this.

It's okay to be sad about it. It was a big deal trading in those games. It's normal to feel sad. So go ahead and feel those feelings, and in time, the sadness will get to be less and less. One day, she'll look back and smile about those games. But for now, it's perfectly fine to feel sad.

Princess smiled at me then and we both knew it would be okay. For now, I will snuggle her and help her process this.


  1. I totally agree with SMT.

    Sometimes we all just need to know that it's okay to feel sad. Validating and empathizing her feelings is the quickest road to her moving beyond them.

    You are an amazing Mom, don't ever doubt that.


  2. Thanks ladies! Princess is making amazing strides. I'm grateful that I am able to help her along the way. :-)

  3. Awe! That is so sweet! So, so sweet.

  4. Just perfect - and wish I could remember to respond so well....

  5. Thanks, s...

    Cate, I'm not sure where this is all coming from, this calmness I have had. I have been reading a lot and incorporating a lot of what I've learned. I credit Alfie Kohn and Naomi heroes. And I'm not always this good, but I'm working on in.