Monday, February 7, 2011

In the Kitchen

We spent a little time in the kitchen. 

Sure, you can buy almond butter, but I'm a pain in the a$$ difficult very particular about things when it comes to food. I want almond butter that is from almonds that are organic, soaked and raw. It is a hard to find item and when you find it, you will also find that it is quite expensive. No thank you. Sure it's a little bit of work, but so worth it.

One of the things I purchased from Amazon with my birthday gift card was an ice cream machine. (Yes. I bought weights and an ice cream machine. Shut up.) 

We made some Paleo friendly ice cream, using only four ingredients. We only used a quarter cup of maple syrup. I love being able to control the sweetness! The Lizard King rarely eats ice cream and on the rare times Princess eats it, she only eats about a teaspoon. Whatever! More for me! Still, Princess loves helping in the kitchen.

It was a little too coconutty for me, so I added some mint extract and just a few dark chocolate chips. I looooove mint ice cream. Next time I'll add even more mint.


  1. Ooh, it all looks so good! Now I want ice cream for breakfast. :)

  2. We just got an ice cream maker. I am so excited! Making ice cream at my grandparents is one of my fondest memories. And now I can have the flavors I actually like including banana or coconut.

  3. That looks so good. I love that you brought weights and an ice cream maker. That is so me.

  4. I'm loving our ice cream maker too! Looks like we have the same one;-)
    And you've inspired me to get my sunflower butter made today. As soon as I'm done holding this sleepy/nursey baby.

  5. Mmmmmm....both look awesome.

    It was actually nice enough today that I finally got out of my kitchen and went for a walk. Yay!

  6. I have to stay away from sugar forever and ever and ever... or I'll wake up with nutella gravings. For crying out loud. Do you have any idea how delicious my house smells right now? Brownies for ballet! How rude!

    Those kale chips better do the trick for me... or else...

  7. Mmmmmm....Aliceson. Breakfast of champions!

    GinaG, the ice cream is yummy, but when kept in the freezer it does get ice crystal-y. The Healthy Home Economist adds a small amount of vodka to her recipe as "anti-freeze". I think I'm going to try that next time.

    Sherry, I know, right!

    Secret Mom, ice cream AND weights are the perfect combo, aren't they? ;-P

    RasJane, we seem to have a lot of the same appliances.
    I hope your sunflower butter turns out as yummy as the almond butter!

    Yay for walking weather, Sheri!! Both ARE yummy, but like I said above, I'm adding vodka next time. I eat ice cream very slowly and it helps keep the consistency. Have you heard that store bought ice cream uses propylene glycol (anti-freeze) to keep ice cream smooth and creamy? Ewwww!!

    No Nutella craving, Freckles!! From now on only minimal dried fruit mixed with a lot more fat!!! Glad the kale chips turned out. I can't wait to try them!!!

  8. First of all I love your countertop!
    I have one kid highly allergic (to the point of death) to nuts. I LOVE almonds, and cashews, etc, but have to eat them when she's not here, lol. That paste looks so yummy!

  9. Oh, yum.Organice coconut icecream:)That is very expensive to buy here as well...ok, we NEED an icecream maker!

  10. It was yummy, Jessica. And I was surprised at how easy ice cream is to make.

  11. I love my countertop, too, Sheila. Am I supposed to say that? So sorry to hear about the nut allergy. It is a common one. You'll just have to come to my house and I'll make you almond butter. ;-P

  12. An ice cream machine and weights? That just makes me love you. Ice cream is my most favorite thing. We have been slowly eating more and more of a Paleo diet and I never thought to translate it to my ice cream making...which I do weekly. Mint/chocolate is one of my favs too.

  13. LOL Amber! Ice cream is one of my very favorite things, too. I do find that I have much less cravings since going Paleo. I love that I have a healthy option on hand where I can control the sweetness. Did I say I only used a quarter cup of maple syrup to 2 cans of coconut milk?