Monday, January 3, 2011

Late Nights

The week before Thanksgiving, our Winter break from Village Home classes begins and lasts between 6 and 7 weeks. Princess and I have thoroughly enjoyed this break and have taken full advantage. We have been staying up late, often well past midnight.

I'm usually awake by 8am. Princess, on the other hand, wakes between 10 and noon. During break, this isn't a problem. And really any time it isn't a problem IF we didn't have early classes...well, early for us.

Princess chooses her classes. This term she has chosen to make some changes, leaving us with only one early day because of a class she just doesn't want to give up. We need to either start shifting our sleeping schedule or wake up tired on Thursdays. Princess has decided to try to shift her sleeping schedule. We start tonight. Wish us luck!!!


  1. Yee-haa! Look who just posted a fancy pic!!

    Oh - and the two kids and I are night owls too!

  2. I prefer to be a night owl too but with my husband leaving the house by 5 AM on weekdays, we try to make it to bed by 9, 10 for sure.

    Good luck with this new schedule! Hopefully you'll have success since it was partially her idea.

  3. We are night owls here too...well all but Tigerlily and she is getting later and later.We had to give up a few activities that started early caus eit was just too hard to change the sleeping patterns.Good luck with getting up early.I actually wish we had something like that here.

  4. My sleep pattern is all of whack right now. I am a morning person, but my husband works second shift and I like to talk to him when he gets home. I stop accomplishing things once the sun goes down, so I need to get up earlier or the house is going to descend into filth ;)

  5. Our sleep patterns are actually pretty erratic and it depends on the day and what we're doing on how much sleep we get.

    Hubby and Daughter need much less sleep than I do so they often hang out together while I'm snoring away. ;)

  6. I hope it works! I wish Jerry would shift his sleeping schedule. It got all messed up over Christmas because we were at my mom's so he couldn't really sleep until 2 or 3 and since we've been home he's been waking up around 10 or 11 which I love. But I think he's going back to the later nights and later wake up times. It's been hard for me to accept, but I'm pretty much there now. ;)

  7. Yes, Cate! Thanks for the app recommendation. I absolutely LOVE it!!! :)

    Aliceson, LK gets up at 5am, too. He had a 4 day weekend and got to stay up late with us for a few nights. It was really nice. But, he's back to work today so back to the early bedtimes...for him anyway. Princess and I went up earlier last night, but falling asleep wasn't so easy. :/

    J, Village Home is an awesome place. We are very lucky to have it.

    I am somewhat of a morning person, Kelly. Just not too early. ;) Getting up at 8 gives me time to get some stuff done before Princess wakes up. That and I've blocked Mondays as stay at home days. Princess gets to have a "lazy day". She'll play, watch TV, play video games, while I get some cleaning done.

    I guess our sleep patterns are a little more erratic during Village term, Sheri. Still, Princess needs a fair amount of sleep. She can get by on 8 or 9 if she has to, but 10 - 12 is better. We'll see what time she wakes up today.

    I hope so too, Colleen. I think 2 or 3 would be hard for me, too...but I'd come to a place of acceptance. Some people are just night owls, I suppose. I like that I can stay up with Princess because it is about the time I stay up to anyway. I wonder if I would shift my schedule if she stayed up later. Hmmm....not sure. It's nice that she's getting independent and if I'm tired, I can go to sleep and she'll do her thing.

  8. So how did that work out? My kids kept weird hours during break as well. I figure it's just one more thing that they have to learn to make adjustments with. It didn't kill us as kids. lol. Since my kids have been in high school I just go to bed before them, not much before, but they know their limits pretty much. Pretty. Much. :o)

  9. Sheila, I was shocked when Princess woke up at 10:17am yesterday. I think she may be starting to shift. We'll see how today goes...fingers crossed! I think that given the opportunity, kids will find their limits naturally...even if they push it sometimes. Heck, we adults do! It is when limits are forced on them that they rebel. Really, who wants to be controlled?!