Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Third Night 2010

Can you see the red candle hiding behind the blue?

We opened the Clue game to play last night. Man, has that game changed since I was a kid! 

The instructions are pages long and there are all these extra cards and complications. After reading through half the instructions we decided to throw out the rules (aren't we such rebels?!) and simplify the game. 

We had a lot of fun playing, together, as a family. It was really a lovely evening...something I truly missed while the Lizard King was in Afghanistan. I am so happy to be a family again.


  1. I never played Clue as a kid (I know - totally deprived) so I wouldn't know the difference.

    Part of our tradition though is a new board game every year. It gives us an excuse to sit down and spend some time together...something that gets more difficult as the kids get older.

  2. Yes, that game HAS changed! Why do they need to fool with stuff???

  3. Sheri, you ARE totally deprived. I think you should make Clue your new board game this year. Although, you may want to follow the rules, otherwise it's a pretty easy game for adults. Still, it is fun...or maybe I'm just nostalgic.

    Sheila, I wish I had saved ALL my games from when I was a kid. So many have changed, and sadly, have been made poor quality and smaller. We bought Kerplunk a couple years ago. It's total crap compared to what we had as kids.