Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope all my stateside bloggy friends had a beautiful Thanksgiving! I know I did and I certainly have a lot to be thankful for.

I am most thankful that my sweet man, the Lizard King, is home safe with us. I love you, baby...

I am grateful for my beautiful Princess. I am truly honored to be her mother. I love you sweetheart!!

This Thanksgiving we have LK's son, his wife and their beautiful little baby with us for a week. My sister is with us as well. I am so thankful for all of our family. I love you all!

We also had dear friends join us on Thanksgiving day. It was a fabulous celebration!

I am also so very grateful for my dearest, best friends. You know who you are. Without your support, I don't know how I would be where I am today. I love you both!!


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful celebration and much to be thankful for. Those cute little baby cheeks are too much!

  2. Love you too. :)
    And after seeing these wonderful pics, I'm just a teensy bit jealous. I miss you!!!

  3. Aliceson, don't you just want to pinch those baby cheeks! Yes, I do have a lot to be thankful for. :)

    Freckles, I miss you too!!! We have to make plans. xoxo

  4. What a lovely day for you with ALL your family home together :-)

  5. Looks like you guys had a wonderful day there.Having LK home is certainly one of the biggest things for you to be grateful for:)
    Your little granddaughter in law is adorable!That jumpsuit....its the cutest ever.

  6. Well, Well, The Shady Lady finally gets to work again! Thanks for the link! We also had a great Holiday. Glad to see the pictures of you guys together. Luv ya all!

  7. Cate, it truly was a lovely day. :)

    wcl, I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am to have LK home. He is truly my best friend.

    Pat, I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner! You all will be getting lots of updates now! Love you all back!!

  8. Congrats on the full house. As much work as it is, I love it when the family gets together like that.

    It's good for the soul. Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Hugs! :D

  9. Sheri, when it comes to Thanksgiving, LK does most of the work. Lucky me!! He starts baking early in the week. The only thing I make are the cranberries, sweet potatoes, veggie and the chicken (no turkey in our house). He does all the rest. How cool is that?!

    Having the family together was awesome!!!

  10. We don't do Turkey either...not for any other reason than I've never cooked one. My sister tried to teach me how to one year and as soon as I saw her go elbow deep inside the bird's butt, that's when I knew I would be sticking to roast beef.