Tuesday, August 24, 2010

When Given the Choice

In our home Princess has total freedom in choosing what she does. We have no limits on TV or video games. Many who oppose radical unschooling argue that, if given a choice, children will choose video games or TV over more "educational" options.

I was laying in bed reading. Princess was watching a show on TV. After a while, I noticed that it was now quiet in the bedroom. The TV was off and I found Princess doing this and it made me smile.

I am reminded all the time how right this choice is. Princess is learning in freedom, in so many ways, everyday.


  1. Very cool...although I must admit that hubby and I do struggle a bit with the hours that 19 year old junior can put in on his x-box live at times. But then, as I stand back and remind myself - he's going to work, doing his studies at uni (college for you) and not out drinking and partying all weekend which seems to be the norm for others his age.....

    Actually, the x-box is looking pretty fine really.....


  2. I find my unschooler princesses doing all kinds of things that school kids get conditioned against doing outside of school.

  3. Cate, sounds like it's working out well then! I know it's hard to see sometimes...but when we can take a step back, we can see it's so cool. I'd totally choose the xBox over the bar!

    Sarah McGrath!! I just bought your book and started reading it last night! And I read your articles/blog all the time. :)Thanks for stopping by my blog!!
    Isn't it cool that our unschooled kids don't have the preconceived ideas that schooled kids have? I love posting these things here on my blog. Hopefully it will help others see this life for what it really is. If nothing else, it helps me see how beautiful this life is.