Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Unschooling Curriculum

A bit of an oxymoron? Perhaps...perhaps not. I recently read this article that dispels the myth that homeschoolers never use anything "educational". While we are not using a curriculum, we do some more traditional learning.

Here in the Portland metropolitan area we have an amazing resource called Village Home. It is a "Home Education Resource Center" and our second home. Those of you who have read my other blog, My World Behind Big Shades, have read about VH. Village Home is best described as community college for kids. There are more than 200 classes on a wide variety of topics.

This year I was amazed at the offerings that are open to Princess. I am even more amazed at the number of classes she has chosen.

Latin I
Music for Me
Dance Sampler
Science Explorations
Math Projects
Kids' Drama
Folk Tales Around the World
Computer Art   I looked at the Computer Art class again and again and I kept getting in the way, trying to make the decision for her...thinking she might be too young for the class. When will I learn?! I had signed Princess up for a Lego activity in the same time slot, but she kept telling me that she can play with Legos anytime. Finally I listened. She really wasn't interested in the Lego activity at all. Then I told her about this class and her eyes lit up! That was it. I signed her up. I then told her that her friend was signed up for the class as well. That was the cherry on top for her.

So yes, Princess chose all of her classes. To me this shows that when children are given the choice, true power to make their own decisions, they know how to listen to their hearts and choose what works best for them. We just have to remember to stay out of the way.


  1. Those sound like awesome classes.

    And I still find myself occasionally doing that with Emma too, getting in her way.

    Though now that she's 15 she has a much easier time telling me to butt out. ;)

  2. That Discoverers one looks awesome! And I like that it's held in the "Einstein" room...sweet!

    Great to see ya around! I've been checking your blogs.

  3. Wow - what an incredible resource. There's nothing like that (that I know of) down this end of the world.

  4. Sheri, there are so many great offerings. There's a digital photography class that I would love to take myself, but it conflicts with something else on my schedule. :(

    It is hard to stay out of the way...I'm guessing in time Princess will get better at telling me to step aside.

    Sheila, Discovers is one of Princess' favorite classes. This is her third year. There was some concern that there was going to be a change of teacher. We did a little dance when we found out that the same teacher was returning.

    All of the classrooms are named after famous homeschoolers, Einstein being one. :)

    Cate, it is an incredible resource and I don't know if any others exist anywhere in the world. We are very fortunate to have VH here. It is one of many reason I can't ever imagine leaving this area.