Sunday, January 17, 2016

New Door

The kitchen is still in process, but nearing completion. Lots of other project are getting done . . . like a new front door! I forgot to take a picture of the original door, so this is the best I've got. It certainly doesn't hurt to have a cute girl in the picture.

This is the new door. So pretty! It's staying white. I checked the direction for Feng Shui color choices. The choices include a shade of dark blue or white. We're going to stick with white. It makes Princess happy (she didn't want blue) and it makes the Lizard King's life easier.

I really do love the door!

1 comment:

  1. Holy moly, the difference is like night and day. Of course the second pic is missing the umbrella, the empty box, the small (what I guess is) a vacuum, the coat on the open closet doors, a pair of shoes and yeah, the cute kid dressed as a kitty. ;) Seriously though, the new door is so pretty and it must let in so much more light?