Thursday, January 31, 2013

Drummer Girl

Princess took drum lessons a couple of years ago. The teacher came highly recommended by the place we had purchased her first drum set. Here is a sample of her lessons.

She took lessons for about a year and never went beyond that practice pad. Princess chose to stop lessons. 

Back in September Princess decided she wanted to start up again. I wanted to find a new teacher and posted to our homeschool community, asking for recommendations. We received a recommendation and found an amazing teacher. Here is a sample of a lesson. She started in October. (Keep in mind you can't hear the drums completely since they're on the headphones.)

Her drum teacher is impressed with how quickly she is picking up the drums (especially since she rarely practices). I can only imagine how well she'll do once she decides to practice. The Lizard King was so impressed and proud, he started searching Craigslist for a good set of used drums. It took a little while, but he found this set. He was only too happy to wake up at 3am and drive to Seattle to buy them. It's a great used Roland set. This set does make practicing more fun. :)

Rock on, Princess!


  1. Wow, sweet set of drums there. Rock on Princess indeed. :D

  2. Awesome. My girls have lots of other instruments around, but I suspect one of them would love a drum kit like that especially :)