Monday, December 24, 2012

That's a Wrap!

In our effort to live more sustainably, we use fabric and fabric ribbon for our gift wrap. My hope is to eventually make gift bags of a variety of sizes. It will certainly make gift wrapping easier, as fabric wrapping can be more challenging than paper.

My sewing machine is in working order again. Now I just need a space to work. I think I will set a goal to make all the bags by November 2013. Ooh...sounds like my new year's goals are growing! I've got 2 things on my list now.

  1. Send out cards for birthdays.
  2. Make gift bags in time for next Hanukka.

I wonder if any more will pop up between now and the new year . . .

And a big thank you to Mom-mom and Poppo for this gift. As you can tell, Princess was very excited to receive it.

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