Monday, July 23, 2012

Getting Cozi

No, it's not a spelling mistake or a typo. Cozi is an online family calendar, shopping list, to-do list, journal and more! It's also available as an iPhone and Android app. I am receiving nothing for posting this, we just think it's that awesome.

We have been looking for a family calendar and shopping list, something we can share easily across devices and that updates in "the cloud". We knew it had to exist somewhere, but hadn't been able to find it and gave up looking.

I was at my friend Gypsy Mama's house and she thought of something for her "to-do list" and mentioned Cozi as she typed it in. Intrigued, I asked about it and learned that this was exactly what we were looking for . . . and more!

We can assign calendar items to Princess, LK, me and even the royal dog or any combination of us. We maintain a separate shopping list for each store we frequent and we each have our own to-do list as well as a combined to-do list. There's even a menu planner (online only) and a place to save your favorite recipes (online only). There's a journal that I had no intention of using, but Princess discovered it and has begun posting photos and thoughts to it. Super cool! Best of all, it's all FREE! Of course there's an upgraded ad-free version available for purchase, if you prefer.

Head on over to Cozi and check it out!

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