Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How Royalty Dresses for a Game of Checkers

Princess and I went through her dress up stuff in order to weed out the things that no longer fit. Now that her niece is getting older, she's 2, we can pass them along to her. After trying things on, she decided to spend the day in her wedding dress. It's a good thing, too . . . after all, it is important to dress for a game of checkers.

Yes. She kicked my butt. Maybe I should wear the wedding dress next time.


  1. Hehehe, cute. And I'm sure it was just the dress. ;)

  2. Hello!!! Yes, I have finally dragged my butt back into the blogging world, and I love Princess's outfit! Only seeing her mother in something similar would be better :-)

    1. Cate!! You're here! I've missed you. :) I still have my wedding dress, but it doesn't fit anymore...believe it or not, it's much too big! =)