Thursday, March 15, 2012


I started working back in September. I am so fortunate to work for an amazing company and to be able to work from home. Mondays are my long work days. I work 7:30 - 10:30, then break for 2 1/2 hours during which time I work on laundry or other things I need to get done around the house. Then I'm back to work from 1 - 5:30.

Princess has been staying up until about 1am lately. I guess it caught up with her because she slept until almost 1pm on Monday. She spent the rest of the day on the couch with me while I worked. She played on her iPad. She played on the Wii. She watched TV. All day.

My work day ended and Princess continued playing the Wii. When I headed up to bed, she had just started a Club Penguin account online and was playing that on her computer. She came to bed around 1am again. She did play with the dogs for a moment or so here and there.

Check out the double fisted remotes . . .

Yes, that was her day. But what did she learn?

Well, I learned that all the reading she does on her various devices has helped her to become a great reader. I would guess that she's likely reading at a fourth or fifth grade level. Could be higher...??? It has also helped her vocabulary. She uses words like culprit (correctly) and described the color we chose for the main house color as too pale (and talked us into going a shade darker). She's 8. I also learned that there is a lot of math in games and that math translates well into real life. Well, I guess I didn't just learn that on Monday, I've known all of these things for quite a while. But my Monday observations reinforced what I knew. This unschooling thing, this trusting our child thing, well, it works.


  1. I really believe that kids can learn alot from playing computer games. Davey learned his ABCs that way I'm sure.

    1. I have to ask you then, Secret Mom, if you believe that kids can learn a lot from playing computer games, why do you feel the need to limit your son's computer time? I'm just curious. :)