Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Santa 2011

I never believed in Santa. Growing up Jewish, it just wasn't part of our lives. I once met someone who was Jewish and believed in Santa. She grew up thinking that Santa hated the Jewish kids because she never got anything from him. I didn't want Princess thinking that, so at age three or four, when she brought up the Santa thing, I wanted her to know that Santa wasn't real. But when I told her, she looked at me as if I had lost my mind and told me that of course he was real! And so, Santa coming on the first day of Hanukka was born. We go to see Santa every year and she asks him for what she wants. We don't go to the mall often, so this is quite an event for us.

Santa was first on the list. Fortunately, we are able to go during the week so there isn't much of a line. As usual, Princess was super excited.

After leaving Santa, we happened upon a choir singing holiday songs. The coolest part? They finished the song they were singing and went right into a Hanukka song next. Princess' smile was ear to ear. She was so happy to hear them sing a Hanukka song!!

You may have noticed the countdown I've got up on the blog. Princess has one on her blog, too. She is beyond excited about Hanukka this year. Some of the new hot toys of the season are the Lite Sprites. Princess says that is all she wants for Hanukka from us this year. I wonder if she'll get them. The only sad part of the holiday is that the Lizard King won't be here most of the days. We are thankful for Skype, so at least he can participate in our candle lighting and present opening.

How about you? What are your traditions?


  1. Wow your mall looks really nicely decorated. Lovely to hear a choir singing like that too. Hope that all is going well this season for you :-)

  2. What a wonderful way to incorporate different traditions. Haha, love it that Princess looked at you like you were crazy, of course there's a Santa...sheesh. :P This year things will be different because we won't see Son until the big family dinner on Boxing Day. So, Hubby, Daughter and I have to come up with some new traditions. I'm voting for sleeping in 'til noon on Christmas day. Wonder how that'll go over? Hehehe.

  3. Wonderful post!!!!!!!!! I think more and more people are making the holidays what they mean to them. Which is wonderful in my opinion! There's room for them all, even if just in bits and pieces! So glad you shared, lovely post!