Monday, November 28, 2011


We have so many things to be thankful for. This year we created a thankful tree. I sketched a bit of an outline in pencil and Princess painted the tree. Doesn't it look awesome?! I got fabric leaves from the dollar store. We used sharpie markers to write the things we are thankful for and taped them to the tree.

We were joined by a couple of LK's friends, my sister the Duchess and her friend. It was a pretty small Thanksgiving, but it was lovely. We very much missed having LK's son, his wife and their daughter. They live in Pittsburgh and his wife is very pregnant right now, due in just a couple of weeks, so they couldn't make it. We hope that they can all join us next year.

It was wonderful having LK at home for a long weekend, but he's headed out again soon.

Princess had fun playing. Her play amazes me. She is very good at being an only child and has such fun whether she is playing on her own or with others. It's a beautiful thing.

All on her own, before Thanksgiving, she pulled out some paper and drew the requisite turkey. Are you surprised that it's pink? Nah. Didn't think so.

I hope you all had a lovely holiday!!

Next up . . . the winter tree!


  1. Love the pink turkey. Love the thankful tree too.

  2. Lovely! The tree is brilliant. Glad to hear you had a lovely Thanksgiving. And did I get that right, Daughter in Law is working on Grandbaby #2? Congratulations!

  3. Yes, that's right Sheri! Grandbaby #2!! Baby Max is due very soon. We cannot wait!!! : )

  4. Love the thankful tree - what a lovely idea!

    Oooh - a grandma a second time around? You must be the hippest, youngest grandma around!

  5. I love your thankful tree! its awesome.