Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wardrobe Wednesday

Princess can often be found in a nightgown or pajamas. Sometimes I wonder if she'd get dressed at all, if we never left the house. I had mentioned, before we left for camping, that the Lizard King was building our deck roof.

During the build, Princess asked LK if he was going to walk on the roof. He told her that he would have to walk on it to finish it. Her eyes lit up and she asked if she could walk on the roof, too. LK promised her that as soon as the shingles were on, she could.

She did it, without hesitation, and thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Head on over to Aliceson's Feet Off the Table to see what all the cool kids are wearing!


  1. well, she's way braver then me. I almost passed out once trying to climb a short ladder to change the flood light bulb on our garage. Only like 10 or 12 ft up. ha ha ha! Good for her!!!!

  2. Awesome! My kids love to to do that kind of stuff too.

  3. Hehehe, wonderful! We're the sort who sees jammies as casual wear. Putting on "real" clothes is for going out.

    At least she had on socks and shoes...much more important for a roof walk.

    Great post. :D

  4. Good for her. Love the Twinkle Toes. Caitlin loves hers too.

  5. LOL, Sheila! Maybe you should stick to step stools. ; )

    Kids are so brave, aren't they Aliceson?

    Princess definitely thinks along the same lines as you, Sheri. LK told her she had to wear shoes to walk on the roof.

    Those Twinkle Toes are awesome, aren't they Secret Mom?!

  6. LOVE the shot of the two pairs of feet :-)

  7. I seem to be obsessed with feet, Cate. I think it's my favorite thing to shoot!
    ; )