Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wardrobe Wednesday

Continuing the camping posts . . .

About three days into the camping trip, Princess needed a "lazy day". That pretty much means that she doesn't get dressed. She spent the entire day in her pajamas.

It was a good day.

Now head on over to Feet Off the Table to see what all the cool kids are wearing!


  1. We have lazy WEEKS around here. Mostly in the winter though. ;)

  2. We need those too. My boys call them "down days" and that means PJs all day, not going anywhere, and lots of hanging out. ;)

  3. I don't know that we've had weeks, Sheri, but we don't get the winters you get either.

    Yup, Denise! Sounds like "down days" and "lazy days" are about the same. Of course, I don't know that I would call my experience on those days by the same name. I get a lot of things done around the house on "lazy days".
    ; )

  4. Awesome! I've been known to enjoy a lazy day now and then. :o)