Monday, August 29, 2011

Garden Club Monday

We're back to regularly scheduled programming as promised! We've had lots of garden growth recently.

Apparently, zucchini are very good at hiding. Yes, the one in the back is almost as long as my counter is deep. The next one isn't much smaller. They are freakin' huge!

We are finally seeing ripe tomatoes! There are lots of green ones and I'm sure that before we know it, we'll be inundated with tomatoes. No worries! I've got all the canning supplies for whole or diced tomatoes, as well as tomato puree. I think my kitchen will be very busy soon.

And while I don't eat potatoes anymore, the Lizard King does still partake. We planted potatoes from some of our store bought potatoes and they grew! This came from one plant. We're letting the others grow longer. LK is super excited!

How is your garden growing? If you'd like to check out other gardens around the country, head on over to Aliceson's, Feet Off the Table.


  1. Um yeah, zucchini are sneaky little devils, same with pretty much any summer squash, I am coming to find.

    Yay for tomatoes! The first ripe ones are always the best, especially compared to the stuff they pass off in the stores as tomatoes.

  2. Nice bounty. All my squash and zucchini died. Sad.

  3. They sure are, Aliceson. Who knew they could get that big! We had tomatoes for dinner last night. Oh man were they good!

    Oh, Secret Mom! I'm so sorry for your veggie loss. : (

  4. Wow - go you! These pics are making me anxious to get our garden started!