Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Guiding Indy

Princess had her second riding lesson on Saturday.

This week Princess took Indy's reins and began learning to guide (I call it steering, but that can't be right.) him in the direction she wanted to go. With plenty of battery life, I got it on video.

I think Princess is even more in love with Indy than before. She did not want the lesson to end . . . and sadly, the next lesson is two weeks away. I'm certain we'll be counting the days, hours and minutes.


  1. Awesome! Something I never noticed before but is quite prominent in the video is just long and gorgeous Princess' hair is. Looks like she was in her element too. Yay! :D

  2. Yes, Sheri, Princess' hair is very long. We've talked about cutting it, just to take the unhealthy ends off. Of course, we have yet to do that. And yes, I believe she is in her element. :-)

  3. Wow she looks so at home on the horse's back!

    Loved hearing all of the bird songs in the video too.

  4. She does look at home, doesn't she, Cate? I didn't even notice the birds. LOL - I guess I was too focused on Princess! ;-P