Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nature Connections and Project 2011 Together!

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Our Nature Connection this month happened at the happiest place on Earth . . . Disney World!!! We were lucky enough to be there during the Flower Festival. It was amazing the things they made from flowers.

Everywhere we looked, even in Disney World, we were surrounded by nature!

Okay, so remember last week when I said that I wouldn't be posting every week for Project 2011? Well, I've changed my mind. It is a woman's prerogative, right? Right?!

This week I went to the gym again, but since we are on Spring break from Village Home, I couldn't go during Princess' class time. We talked and decided to give the kids' room a try. We were both a little nervous, but Princess loved it! My workout, doing Slow Burn, is quite short and Princess was disappointed at the fact that I was done so quickly. She wanted to stay and play. I promised her that we would go back again this week. She was ecstatic.

Princess had so much fun that she would like me to work out more than once a week, but with our busy schedule, I don't see that happening. Besides, the whole idea behind this workout is that it only needs to be done once a week! Yeah . . . I still think that totally rocks.

And at last check, I have lost 16 pounds. I know that living the Paleo lifestyle wasn't one of my goals, nor was losing weight, but I'm glad that I made this choice. It's easy once you're into it, the food is amazing, I feel great and the bonus is the weight loss. At 46, I was resigned to the fact that my metabolism had slowed down and my body was just the way it was. That is so not true! I have lost my muffin top. My clothes are too big. This rocks!

Nothing new on the photography front, but I'm very much looking forward to my community college class that starts in two weeks. It is a non-credit course, so there isn't a lot of pressure.

As for sewing, well, I'll save that for next week . . . but things are happening, slowly, but they are happening.


  1. What a better place to see nature than Disney? Congrats on the working out and weight loss.

  2. SMT, I know, right?! Thanks for the congrats, too! I'm still stunned at how easy this has been. Truly.

  3. BFM, Spring, Autumn, Winter . . . any time but summer would be great for Epcot. Yes, I miss it already. We are total Disney World junkies!! ;-P

  4. 16 pounds???? You are officially my hero! I've been getting better at the exercise thing, but my sugar junkie tendencies are still there.

    Those gardens look wonderful. I so wish that we could access Disney more frequently. Thankfully we have all made it there, in fact my son prides himself on the fact that he has been to Disneyland in LA, Tokyo & Paris......and you wonder why his parents are broke......

  5. Well look at me blush, Cate! I have to say that the exercise is a very small part of the 16 pounds. 90% is the food I eat. Going cold turkey (and going through carb flu unfortunately) is the only way to kick the sugar/carb addiction. You really can do it!!

    Hey, maybe one day we can meet in Disney World! How cool would that be?

  6. 1.) Your daughters dress is sooooooooo pretty!
    2.) I went to Epcot on my honeymoon 22 yrs ago! Boy, it looks like it's changed a bit!
    3.) I cannot WAIT for your community college class and to hear all about it!

  7. Sheila, LK surprised her with the dress. She had been eyeing it for days!

    It sounds like you are due for a return trip to Epcot. We'll meet you there, September 2012! :)

    I cannot wait to update everyone about my class. (I am a little nervous, though. I think that's all part of the introvert/shy thing that I do so well.)

  8. Oops! I was sure I commented bad.

    The flowers are amazing and that's a really interesting looking bird.

    Congrats on the weight loss and the resulting feeling awesome. I'm still working on it but this is inspiration to start getting more serious about the Paleo diet.

    Yay! You got the pattern out. Really, working with and figuring out the pattern is half the battle. Once you've got that sorted it's just cut and sew pieces together until you've got a garment.

    I promise you, if you can knit can sew pretty much anything.

  9. Yes Sheri, I actually got the pattern out. It took me long enough, huh? Socks were hard at first, but now I can sew a sock like nobody's business (as long as I do the same pattern every time. You see, therein lies the rub.) I hope that following a sewing pattern is easier than a sock pattern. ;-P

    I'm glad you're inspired more about Paleo. I cannot tell you how much it rocks.

    And yes, I wish I was still at Disney enjoying their amazing flower festival.

  10. 16 pounds! good for you! i need a little (or a lotta) that! ;)

    looks like a great time of year to be at disney!

  11. denise, the weight loss is a side benefit of going Paleo. Gotta love it! :)

    And seriously, I think I could live at Disney . . . ;-P