Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Purim!

This past weekend we celebrated Purim. This is the holiday centered around the story of Esther. Princess and I sat down to read Queen Esther the Morning Star when I realized that I should check the historical accuracy of this story. I found this article and then this, this and this . . . oh, and this. So, I told Princess that it seems that the story is a fairytale, but isn't it so cool to celebrate a holiday that is based on a fairytale?!

We baked Hamantaschen, triangular pastries that are said to be in the shape of Haman's hat. Haman was the villain in the story, who wanted to kill all the Jews.

We made these grain free, using almond flour and coconut flour.

This flour was rather crumbly and challenging to work with, but we did it.

Hamantaschen are one of my all time favorite treats (even the grain free version)!


  1. They look yummy...but what are they? You can't post pics of tasty treats without the recipe. ;)

    Love the new Shady Lady stamp btw...the hearts are so cute.

  2. When I was a nanny in NJ, I worked for a Jewish/Catholic family. I used to love those cookies and I liked the Manchewitz macaroons.
    Happy Purim to you as well.

  3. Well Sheri, here is the link to the recipe I started with:

    I used 1 1/2 cups almond flour + 1/2 cup coconut flour. I subbed honey for agave and coconut oil for grapeseed oil. For the filling, I just chopped up some prunes and put them in the middle. I usually do a poppyseed filling, but the ingredients on the can are horrible. LK said he missed the poppyseed. Maybe next year I'll try to figure out how to make my own poppyseed filling.

    Glad you like the new stamp! I needed something happy and thought that fit the bill. :)

  4. Thanks Bernie! Jewish/Catholic huh?! Interesting combo!
    Yeah...macaroons are yummy, too.

  5. Celebrating a holiday based on a "fairytale" is pretty special.And those treats look delicious!

  6. I thought they were yummy, Jessica. But Princess isn't much of a sweet eater and after a taste she was not a fan. She did have fun baking them! All my life I assumed the story of Esther was true. It is more recently that I have begun to question things.

  7. I think that it is wonderful how you are passing such long running traditions on to your daughter.

  8. Thank you, Cate. I feel like I should be doing more... I guess that's part of being a mom...always questioning if you're doing it well enough.