Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Out With the Old

Those of you who know Princess well, know that she doesn't get rid of things. Ever. Although I have some theories, I really don't know why.

Princess really wanted a new DS game, Crafting Mama. It wasn't in the budget. She wanted it and she wanted it soon. Like yesterday. We started talking about trading in games. She was hesitant, but willing to think about it. A few days later she made the huge leap. She chose 4 games to take back to Gamestop . . .

. . . and is thrilled with her new game! 

It was important to allow her to do this in her own time, without pressure. It was a big decision for her and shows huge growth. I'm pretty darn excited for her. 


  1. I have one of those too! Yay for Princess selling those 4 games. My youngest would hang on to the lint balls in her room if I let her. She does have to get rid of stuff (as the youngest of 3 she has inherited a lot) but I have to be far gentler and open-minded with her than with my others. We find that if she is able to choose who is going to get her stuff she is more willing to part with it. For her it is comforting to be able to picture her younger cousins reading her old books or our neighbors playing with an old favorite game. And then there is the stuff that she begs me to keep "for the grandchildren" meaning she is hanging on to that stuff forever. My other girl tosses/gives away a full half of her stuff on a regular basis. They are all so very different. How much they help with housework seems to be a factor at our house. The older kids started getting rid of their clutter once they became responsible for helping me clean the house regularly.

  2. Princess has learned a great lesson in economics.

    Bartering is the oldest form of currency exchange and is still alive and well, if you know where to look.


  3. GinaG, Princess is the same way. She seems to be letting go a bit recently. We have mattresses in her room that are old and need to be replaced. We learned of someone who just got out of a bad situation and came to Oregon. Her kids were sleeping on the floor and she was sleeping on a couch that was given to them. I asked Princess if we could give the mattresses to them and explained the situation. She was fine with it! She is also much more willing to give things away to her niece (Princess' big brother's daughter). Although, there are still things she isn't ready to let go. Her niece loves Bear in the Big Blue House. Princess is not ready to give up her stuffed animals from the show nor the DVDs. Oh well...maybe in a year or two.

    Sheri, Princess is learning, even if it is slowly. She has to be completely certain she is ready to get rid of something before she is willing to consider it. It's a hard thing, but a weird thing for LK and me because we are purgers.

  4. Yes, that's very wonderful, the "on her own time" part, and the lesson. You're a great mom!

  5. Secret Mom, pretty cool right?

    Thanks Sheila! You are so sweet! I'm trying...