Thursday, January 13, 2011

Project 2011 - Week 2

Curious about Project 2011? Click the badge to the left. It's just below the Nature Connections badge.

This week I'm adding a goal to our repertoire! Is that even allowed? I'm certain our sponsor, Cate over at Moments of Whimsy, won't mind. Inspired by Nature Connections, Princess and I have set a goal of spending more time outside. Truthfully, it's a pretty easy goal, seeing as we spent very little time outside last year. Still, I think it's a good goal and we're off to a fabulous start!

We went to the Wildlife Refuge last Thursday and again Saturday. Sunday we went bowling with the Lizard King. I used the cool Hipstamatic app on my iPhone again and then edited with Picnik. Have I mentioned how much I love Picnik?!

When we got home, Princess and I took the royal dog for a walk...outside! Gasp! I know!!!


  1. Awesome! Yes, I think adding a goal is allowed. ;)

    I love bowling. We haven't gone in ages but it's a great way to kill an afternoon - especially in winter.

    Do you guys have 5 pin bowling? We have both but 5 pin is more common and the balls are smaller and easier for little ones to manage.

    Looks like Princess had a blast! The pics are great.

  2. Bowling is SOO much fun! Your pics look great - I love Picnik, too!

  3. Whew! I was worried, Sheri! ;p

    We don't have 5 pin bowling...I haven't heard of it. LK said he wonders if it's like duck pins. They're smaller and the ball is smaller???

    I love bowling Rachel, but in a word...I suck. I don't care, it's still fun! Picnik is awesome! Freckles and HerbiFaerie gave me a premium 1 year membership for my birthday today!! :)

  4. Oooh - premium! Am jealous - I only use their freebie bits and pieces.

    And you can add as many goals as you like :-)

    Good on you for getting out and about. It's been beautiful weather here, but I've spent three days inside on the couch.....pain sucks.

  5. I know, Cate! I am so excited about premium!!

    I hope you feel better soon so you can get out and enjoy the summer weather. Remember, any GF guidance you need, just ask!

  6. Duck pins eh? Never heard of it but it sounds right. Because I don't play 10 pin, it's hard to know for sure if the pins are smaller...could be...but there's only 5.

    The balls are definitely smaller though. :D

  7. I never heard of duck pins either... If we ever make it to Pittsburgh I'll have to take pictures and post them. ;)

  8. Spending more time outside sounds like a wonderful goal!

    I have to say, it always surprises me what those apps can help create. Love those photos! :)

  9. Kellee, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! :)

    Those app photos are fun. We're enjoying the outside goal! I think it's a necessary one, especially living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.