Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Royal Helper

It seems that when stoves are installed, leveling is not included. I've been dealing with a slanted stove for months. Today, the Lizard King decided to fix it. Princess was still asleep, but the Royal Dog was on hand to help.

She is a very attentive supervisor. I don't know how LK could have done it without her!


  1. Love this post! As you know I'm dog-sitting right now and I can vouch for what great supervisors dogs make.

    And how willing they are to supervise pretty much any activity. :P

    Great pics.

  2. Yes Sheri, I'm sure you can relate. It was so funny watching SR watching LK. Tee hee...

  3. OH that is so cute. Ours wouldn't do that unless there were some sort of chicken or beef involved, lol.

  4. Every time Captain Appliance comes to repair something, our dog hides and the youngest cat tries to crawl into whatever is being worked on. My pets are back ward ;)

  5. Sheila, SR assumes that there is food everywhere. I'm certain she was thinking that something edible would come out of this work. ;p

    Kelly, sounds like you have a cattish dog and a doggish cat. We learned about those watching Barbie in The Princess & the Pauper. =)