Sunday, December 26, 2010

Game Time!

Around midnight, as we were laying in bed, Princess announced that she wanted to make a game the next day. She told me all about the ins and outs of the game, the rules, the prizes and that we needed to have three people. The next morning she spent quite a bit of time working on this game she created.

drawing the forms

adding some color

and celebrating the final product

Then we had to wait for the Lizard King to come home. The questions tested our memory of Princess' life. The first question was to me, asking the date she was born. The second question to LK? She asked him what her birth flower is. He swore the game was fixed. Of course, I knew the answer but only because she and I had been researching birth flowers. Poor Lizard King...

I was winning, but in the end LK pulled ahead and won. We both got prizes. You can see them drawn on the papers. That's what the scissors are for, so we can cut our our choice of prize: a blue ribbon, a gold medal or a trophy.

If we had to label it, what subjects would this fun project cover?


  1. I love projects like this because if a teacher stood up and TOLD kids to do it, they'd hate every second, do it grudgingly, and do a lousy job.
    Great illustration of the beauty of letting the child lead...!
    (so don't forget to submit it to the carnival!)

  2. Daughter and I made a board game a while back and what I found was that a project like that covers the range from language and arts to math and science.

    And that you get to play it after you're done creating it is the best part. That and the prizes. :D

  3. Hi there,

    I'm finally emerging from the blur of Christmas functions to pop over and say thank-you so much for all of your supportive comments over the past few days. I really appreciated them.

    Hope that you are all enjoying the holiday season and not too cold over there :-)

  4. Art. Some sort of history. Ingenuity. and yes, language.

    I love this game, and I totally got a big kick out of the two questions you mentioned, OMG, I chuckled out loud, and I don't do that all that often, really.!
    ha aha ha ha! Birth flower. Great kid.!

  5. Jennifer, I didn't know how to share in the carnival. Thanks for including the link! I love that Princess comes up with these ideas on her own. She would never go for it or be half as creative if I made her do things.

    Sheri, a board game would be fun. I wonder when we'll create one... One of our favorite board games is The Ladybug Game that was created by a second grade (I think) girl. We found it at Target. It's a great game!!

    Thanks for popping over, Cate! Temps have been relatively mild here. It's been in the low to mid 40s which converts to between 4 and 7 degrees celsius. LOTS of rain, though..

    Lots of subjects covered, huh Sheila!! It was a really fun game. LK was laughing a lot, too. Totally cracked him up because it really did seem like the game was fixed. Of course, Princess couldn't even conceive of that. So...what is your birth flower, Sheila? ;p