Monday, November 15, 2010

The Last Week

Our 10 week term at Village Home is almost done. It has been a great term, but I am very ready for the 7 week break. Princess loves all of her classes, but our schedule has been pretty hectic. We're making a little adjustment for Winter term.

Princess has decided to drop Latin class. (Yes, I'm doing a little happy dance in my head.) It was a really hard decision for her because she really enjoyed the class. It was a lot of fun for me, too! The issue is that the class starts at 10:45am and we just don't like leaving the house that early.

Latin game of Clue
Yeah, yeah, I know. 10:45 isn't early, but we like to take our mornings slow. Classes are Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. Tuesday and Wednesday we won't start until noon. That's what I call a perfect start time. Thursday we do have an early class, but this is the third and final year that Princess can do this class. It is one of her most favorite classes and she is willing to sacrifice our morning routine for it. Next year, we'll stick to all afternoon classes. At least I hope so...

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