Saturday, September 11, 2010

Not Back to School Day

Yesterday was our annual 'Not Back to School Day' at our local amusement park, Oaks Park. This was our 3rd year...or is it our 4th? As usual, we had a blast!! Me? I forgot my camera, so you are left with pictures courtesy of my phone (which is often more convenient to pull out than my camera...I've got to work on that.)

We finished the day with a trip to a block foam recycling facility to drop off a minivan-full of block foam and make room in the back of the minivan for... well, you're just going to have to wait until tomorrow to find out what we got.


  1. How happy does your girl look!!
    Am curious to hear about the foam blocks :-)

  2. Happy Not Back to School Day!

    Love the happy face! :D

    Ooooh, surprises...awesome.

  3. Cate, she had the best time!!

    We had a ton of block styrofoam from ceiling fans and other things we bought for the new house. I really try to recycle everything and do a darn good job of it. We're on the westside (far westside) and had to drive to the far east side to one of three places that recycles block foam. It wasn't so far though, because Oaks Park is on the east side! :) Always trying to save on gas, too!

    Thanks, Sheri! That photo turned out great for a phone photo. The surprise will be posted later today. =)

  4. Those are great pics for a phone! Looks like a wonderfully color filled fun time!

  5. It was a great time, Sheila! We look forward to it every year. :)