Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First Day

Yesterday was our first day back to Village Home! It was a whirlwind day.
(Most of the photos were taken with a cool app that I downloaded to my iPhone called Cross Process. :)

We started with Latin I

We learned how to say, "You are dumber than a donkey." The kids sure got a kick out of that one!

Somehow I didn't take any pictures in Music Class...

Then Princess had dance, where they are learning Jazz this term.

Drum lessons went well. We had to buy new drum sticks because the ones we had weren't a good fit for Princess. Today we're heading back to buy a music stand for her book and a practice pad. Our neighbors go to sleep at 7pm so playing has to stop by then. I can't imagine a 7pm bedtime. I guess that's why we're unschoolers. ;p


  1. Bahahaha, that's hilarious.

    Looks like Princess had fun.


  2. Looks great! But wow, 7pm? Sounds a bit early to me. Actually WAY early!

  3. I clicked through your Village link - you homeschoolers have such wonderful support at your end of the globe. The range of classes looks brilliant!

    And your pics are adding to my iphone envy.......

  4. Sheri, Princess (and I) had a blast!!!

    Sheila, I know! 7pm?! Really?!?! That is unheard of!

    Cate, we are very lucky to have Village Home. I don't know of anything like it anywhere else in the states, let alone the world. Village is one reason (of many) we will never move from this area.